Term & Conditions


Smoking is not permitted in the car at any time.

Have respect for the driving instructor and act in a responsible manner.
Must be prompt for lessons. The waiting time is 10 minutes. Should the waiting time go beyond this, the lesson will therefore be cancelled and you will be charged full price.

Must let Andy know 48 hours in advance of the lesson if you would like to cancel/postpone the lesson. If you fail to abide by this rule, you will be charged full price for the lesson. (Please note that certain circumstances will be taken into consideration, in any case, please let Andy know within reasonable timing)

We will not allow a lesson to begin or continue if there is belief that you are incapable of taking part in the lesson through illness or due to drug or alcohol intake. This is in the interest of public safety.

Should a Pupil be deemed not suitable to participate in a test (not up to test standard), we reserve the right to withdraw our vehicles with no given notice.

We can not be held accountable for personal belongings left in the driving cars, rescheduling of driving tests by the DSA or rescheduling of lessons due to illness an or mechanical breakdown


All block booking must be pre-paid in order for the reduced rate to be taken off. Please note that block bookings are non refundable (extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration).

From the date of purchase, all pre-paid block booking offers are valid for 6 months. If for any reason, you have any issues commencing with the remainder of your lessons, please inform us know by email: info@mkds.co.uk. Should you choose to contact us once the 6 month period has expired, there may be a possibility that you will lose the remainder of your lessons and we cannot be held liable for this.

if you have already pre booked a block of lessons and for any reason are unable to commence with the remainder of them, we can provide a credit note for the remaining lessons which can be used at a later stage (please note that this will expire 6 months from the issue date).